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Friday, January 8, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Teaser!!!

I was watching the shows in Q11 and was really surprised with their teaser about American Idol season 9!!! The first air time for this year's American Idol Season 9 is on January 13! I am so looking forward to it already! I have blogged a lot about last year's season and just got discouraged about the winner since my bet - Adam Lamber didn't win. I definitely will be writing stuffs about this year's season! I promise! Lol!

I'm really excited about American Idol season 9!!!


Kirhat said...

I was also a bit excited to watch this show. It's good that it's back for another season and I think most are excited to see how Ellen will fare.

Seek No More

ally said...


you bet! I'm glad Simon is still on the show although he'd already made his announcement that he's not gonna be on the show on season 10 of AI.

Excited for today's first airtime!