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Friday, January 22, 2010

AI - Second Week Auditions Update

This week's 2 episodes of American Idol took us to Chicago and Orlando, Florida.

Tuesday's guest judge was the beautiful Shania Twain who said some naughty remarks to John Park, one of the lucky people who got the golden ticket to the show. He definitely have a nice vocals and Shania made it clear that he liked the guy by saying he had a beautiful bottom end and nice lips. She also said he had a nice tone "down there" and that he has a good head. The other judges didn't expect she'd say that. You naughty, naughty Shania! LOL!

They ended up picking just 13 contestants from the 12,000 who auditioned in Chicago! Lucky 13, huh?

Next stop is Orlando, Florida where more than 10,000 hopefuls awaited. Kristen Chenoweth who has strong musical background was the guest judge. She did have a lot of "chic" moments with Kara which made the audition fun. She wasn't around on the second day of auditions in Orlando though so she missed the man who actually had his "pants ripped on the ground" when he did the unforgettable and one of the most hilarious American Idol audition! That actually made the judges say "YES" to his audition! Hahahaha! It still make me laugh whenever I watch the video!

The best audition in Orlando for me is from Matthew Lawrence. His once troubled past made his audition song heartfelt. He once robbed a bank when he was young and spent years in jail. He joined American Idol to redeem himself. He wanted his family to be once again proud of him.

Here's the video:

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