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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A 12 Year Old Guitar Wizard

I was quite disappointed about the news that the guitarist of Kuerdas Band is going to quit playing with the band sometime soon.Who in GenSan could ever replace him? Teng is really good on his craft and his talent as a guitarist has been a great contribution to the band. I hope he really won't quit.

As I was browsing through videos of Kuerdas in YouTube, I came across a video of this 12-year-old Guitar Wizard - Sungha Jung. I am really amazed with this child's talent. How I wish someone from GenSan could play like this to make a possible replacement for Teng. Don't get me wrong Teng. You're still GenSan's best guitarist for me! :D

Sungha Jung started to play the guitar when he was only 3 years old. His being a finger-style guitarist is already known around the world through YouTube. Praises not only come from fans of the young boy but also from known guitar artists.

Sungha Jung
, you're definitely one of a kind!!!

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