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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day trailer

I am getting excited about a movie coming up on February - "Valentine's Day". It's an all-star cast and when I watched the trailer, I really think it's one of the nicest feel-good movies this year. Since I won't have a date AGAIN on Valentine's Day for sure, I might end up watching this movie.

Here's the trailer!!!

It's all about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

You Were Meant For Me - Music Monday

I'm a fan of Jewel and I really love her songs. Just haven't heard new songs from her lately though.

Here's one of my favorite songs of her - You Were Meant For Me. I used to sing this song with an acoustic band when I was in college.

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Enjoy the Music Monday!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A 12 Year Old Guitar Wizard

I was quite disappointed about the news that the guitarist of Kuerdas Band is going to quit playing with the band sometime soon.Who in GenSan could ever replace him? Teng is really good on his craft and his talent as a guitarist has been a great contribution to the band. I hope he really won't quit.

As I was browsing through videos of Kuerdas in YouTube, I came across a video of this 12-year-old Guitar Wizard - Sungha Jung. I am really amazed with this child's talent. How I wish someone from GenSan could play like this to make a possible replacement for Teng. Don't get me wrong Teng. You're still GenSan's best guitarist for me! :D

Sungha Jung started to play the guitar when he was only 3 years old. His being a finger-style guitarist is already known around the world through YouTube. Praises not only come from fans of the young boy but also from known guitar artists.

Sungha Jung
, you're definitely one of a kind!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

AI - Second Week Auditions Update

This week's 2 episodes of American Idol took us to Chicago and Orlando, Florida.

Tuesday's guest judge was the beautiful Shania Twain who said some naughty remarks to John Park, one of the lucky people who got the golden ticket to the show. He definitely have a nice vocals and Shania made it clear that he liked the guy by saying he had a beautiful bottom end and nice lips. She also said he had a nice tone "down there" and that he has a good head. The other judges didn't expect she'd say that. You naughty, naughty Shania! LOL!

They ended up picking just 13 contestants from the 12,000 who auditioned in Chicago! Lucky 13, huh?

Next stop is Orlando, Florida where more than 10,000 hopefuls awaited. Kristen Chenoweth who has strong musical background was the guest judge. She did have a lot of "chic" moments with Kara which made the audition fun. She wasn't around on the second day of auditions in Orlando though so she missed the man who actually had his "pants ripped on the ground" when he did the unforgettable and one of the most hilarious American Idol audition! That actually made the judges say "YES" to his audition! Hahahaha! It still make me laugh whenever I watch the video!

The best audition in Orlando for me is from Matthew Lawrence. His once troubled past made his audition song heartfelt. He once robbed a bank when he was young and spent years in jail. He joined American Idol to redeem himself. He wanted his family to be once again proud of him.

Here's the video:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fireflies - Owl City

I've keep listening to this song lately - Fireflies by the Owl City. I love the song, especially the arrangement.

Love it! I hope you like this video too! Happy Music Monday!!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes -Movie Review

Czarina and I went out and watched Sherlock Holmes at Glorrieta 4 yesterday. Even though I was anxious about my coughing, I insisted to watch. I was able to control my cough though. I just let it out when the movie was in a middle of fighting or on scenes that has a lot of sound effects. The movie was packed with that, anyways so I didn't choke. Lol!

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created on the late nineteenth century by the author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is a consulting detective whom, together with his best friend and chronicler Dr. John Watson (Jude Law), try to solve a case about a serial killer and sorcerer Lord Blackwood. Holmes and Watson don't believe in black magic and will prove to England that there's no such thing by providing facts and evidences about the hoax.

I love the movie and how it highlighted the friendship between two brilliant and brave men. I also love the comedy side of the film. I'm glad it was not just an action-packed film.

I will be watching out for the saga of this film. Here's the trailer of the movie:

Friday, January 15, 2010

AI - First Week Auditions Update

The auditions on 2 cities (Boston, MA and Atlanta City) did a jump-start this week. There were some sad stories, some are inspiring, some got into our nerves and even pissed the judges off. We also met a lot of annoying auditioners too. Amongst the thousands of people who went to try their luck on the auditions, a few were chosen. Each one of us have favorite auditions, so far. Mine is Tyler Grady who, at first, looked like some other annoying people on the audition. Apparently, he wasn't. He was even charming and cool.

The 2 guest judges - Victoria Beckham and Mary J. Blige were both pretty on their own ways. Victoria was able to maintain her prim and proper attitude even if the auditioners were already pushing their buttons. She always sees the good on each of the people who came to audition. Mary J. Blige on the other other hand couldn't help herself especially if she sees something funny about the audition. Both of them did great though.

It's good that my rest days were on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am able to get a grasp of the show and get a lot of sleep afterwards. :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Up On American Idol Season 9?

American Idol season 9 is airing it's season's premiere tonight on QTV Channel 11 at 6pm here in the Philippines. I'm so looking forward to it!

What's up for this season? Well, we have the new judge - Ellen deGeneres who replaced Paula Abdul, guest judges and of course, the new faces of hopefuls who's going to complete the fun and excitement on the show!

Even though Simon Cowell have already made his announcement of not being on the show on season 10, which I hope will not happen, it didn't change my excitement for the show. Can't wait for the airtime at QTV tonight! Tonight's episode will be the Boston auditions. I bet it's gonna be fun, fun, fun this season!

Friday, January 8, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Teaser!!!

I was watching the shows in Q11 and was really surprised with their teaser about American Idol season 9!!! The first air time for this year's American Idol Season 9 is on January 13! I am so looking forward to it already! I have blogged a lot about last year's season and just got discouraged about the winner since my bet - Adam Lamber didn't win. I definitely will be writing stuffs about this year's season! I promise! Lol!

I'm really excited about American Idol season 9!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 List Of Holidays and Long Weekends

Time to mark your vacation on this year's calendar!!!

Based on RA 9492 and Proclamation 1841, here's the schedule of this year's holiday and long weekends here in Philippines:

January 1 (Friday) - New Year's Day
February 22 - EDSA Revolution Anniversary
April 1 (Thursday) - Holy Thursday
April 2 (Friday) - Good Friday (4 day long weekend from April 1-4)
April 9 (Friday) - Araw ng Kagitingan (3-day long weekend from April 9-11)
May 1 (Saturday) - Labor Day
June 14 (Monday) - Independence Day (3-day long weekend from June 12-14)
August 23 (Monday) - Ninoy Aquino Day (3-day long weekend from August 21-23)
August 30 (Monday) - National Heroes Day (d-day long weekend from August 28-30)
September - Eid'l Fitr (calculated September 10 - possible 3-day long weekend from Sept 10-12)
November 1 (Monday) - All Saints Day (3-day long weekend from October 30-Nove 1)
November - Eid'l Adha (calculated Nov 16)
November 29 (Monday) -Bonifacio Day (3-day long weekend from Nov 27-29)
December 24 (Friday) - Non-Working Holiday
December 25 (Saturday) - Christmas
December 27 (Monday) - Rizal Day (4-day long weekend from December 24-27)
December 31 (Friday) - Non-Working Holiday
January 1 (Saturday) - New Year's Day (3-day long weekend from Dec 31-Jan 2)

Let's enjoy the holidays this year!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Awesome New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everyone!!! May our 2010 be more prosperous. God bless us all!!!

Here are the fireworks display at my best friend - Czarina's rooftop! My New Year's Eve was awesome!!!

How was yours???