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Thursday, December 17, 2009

MELASON - Blissful Ally's Come Back!!!

After a long time of this blog being in hiatus mode, I finally decided to get it up and running again! This blog is back!!!

I promise to update this blog as much as possible from now on! I gotta create money out of this site.

I want to share what I have been upto lately. I got so addicted with a reality show! My day is not complete without viewing the show -Pinoy Big Brother - Double Up! I love the Melason love team. Really really love it! Melason is a combination of the names of my two favorite people in PBB Double Up - Melissa and Jason.

Melissa or Isay actually came from General Santo City which is also my hometown. She's not really pretty but I love her because she's a natural comedienne. She is loved by the naughty yet sweet boy - Jason of Mindoro. I love their tandem because they're both funny and entertaining.

Their love for each other isn't like the ordinary relationship. They started as bestfriends and now it looks like they could no longer hide their feelings for each other not in a romantic way though. But in a very unique way that will make you laugh out loud and scream at the same time. They definitely make me shiver to my bones in a nice way! Hahaha!

When looking at them, they make me reminisce my childhood love interest. Well, I wasn't really a child when I had the same "kilig" yet funny moments with some guy. But it was really fun!

I really am addicted to MELASON!!!

Here's a clip of what I'm talking about. Filipinos for sure can relate to this!

Welcome back Blissful Ally!!! :D


Scotty's Princess said...

What a great come back this is, Bang! ;-)

You're not alone.I'm hooked with MElason lovetream as well. And being one of the many Generals rooting for Melissa, I am so proud of her! I am sure she's one of the BIG winners.

ally said...

You bet cousin dear! Yoohoo!you're my first commenter! hehehehe....

ally said...
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ally said...
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fetus said...

i don't watch this reality tv show for the primary reason i don't have the boob tube. but it doesn't stop me from following their super kilig churva ever!

ewan ko ba bakit masyado akong nakakarelate dito! wahehehehe...