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Thursday, December 24, 2009

AVATAR - Must See Movie Of '09

I went to see the movie Avatar in 3D at Greenbelt the other day with cousin Michelle and her fiance Jon. It was my first time to watch a film in 3D and it was amazing! It felt like I was actually in the movie! Like it was real! Lol!

The movie is about a paraplegic war veteran, Jake Sully who's sent to the planet called Pandora which is inhabited by the natives - Na'vi, a humanoid race with a different language and culture. His mission is to get information about the tribe and eventually persuade them to leave their land so that the greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge could get precious materials on that planet. He gets in a tube where he can incorporate himself to an Avatar which enabled him to bond with the Na'vi tribe. He got so awed by the beauty of the planet. He even fell in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri. His love for the tribe, the planet Pandora and Neytiri eventually caused conflict on his mission. He will do his best to save the planet, the people and the woman he love!

James Cameron, the writer, director and producer of the film is soooo brilliant of being able to create this movie!!! It was really awesome!!! This is indeed the best movie of the year! A must see!!!


Mizé said...

My daughter wants too see Avatar soon.
I´m here to wish you:
Happy New Year!
Hope 2010 brings all the best for you & your family.
Warm hugs, Mizé.

ally said...

Thank you so much my friend! Happy New Year to you too! God bless you and your family! Take care!!!

pcmemoirs said...

I saw the movie during the opening weekend, also in 3D. I was very impressed! I plan to see it again, before it leaves the movie theaters.