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Friday, September 11, 2009

Friendship Blog Award - Thanks Windy!!!

It's been a long time since my last post on this blog. I apologize to those who continuously visit and do EC drops in this site. I didn't have enough time to make updates for personal reasons but I surely will make it up to you guys! Thank you for your continued support. I'm back folks!

On this post, I would like to thank most of all Windy of Windmill on the Hill who have encouraged me to go on with this blog. In fact he even gave me an award which I am so honored to accept! Thank you so much for the friendship Windy!

The Friendship Blog Award above implies :
Green: to symbolize the new buddies
Yellow: to represent the guys who are always active
Blue: to symbolize with high performing PR Bloggers
Red: to symbolize that our blood is red and therefore we are all brothers.
I had a different view about friendship before. I make friends with people whom I can get along with. But when I started blogging, it made me open up to a different kind of world - the virtual world, as they say. I learned that I could still make friends in the blogosphere since I get to know their personalities as manifested on their blogs. My blog pals may not be a handful yet but as I continue with my journey in this virtual world, I believe I'll meet more friends along the way!

I want to share this friendship award to the following blog pals:

Mizé, Honey, Ranran, Bill, Cacai, Wendy, NovaS, April, Ed

The rules:

1. Create a post as above
2. Include a link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image to be replicated at your Blog Post.


Cacai M. said...

oi.. heheheh.. thank you Ally, thanks for remembering me.. thanks again.. muahh!

I will post this soon.

Windmill said...


There's a very personal Award for you. :)

Mizé said...

Hi Allena.
Thanks so much for passing this award to me!
Although I don´t have much time to be online like before (due to my full time job) your friendship is important to me.
I will post it when I have the chance.
Hugs, Mizé