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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

After our tedious work yesterday, my colleague, Julia and I went to see the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We decided to have some fun together since it's our off today.

I have been a fan of X-Men even when I was a kid. I used to watch it with my brothers when we were in grade school.

The movie is actually a prequel to the X-men movie trilogy (which by the way I love!). It focuses on Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) character- basically his violent past and his involvement with the Team X which was organized by Colonel Stryker (Danny Houston). It also showed how wolverine become indestructible after he was swayed to have his skeleton change to metal adamantium. It was in the movie I learned about his half brother - Victor Creed (Liev Schreiber) who turned out to be one of the enemies of the X-men - Sabertooth.

If I am to rate the movie from 1-10, I'd say it's a 7. Well, honestly, I wasn't really wowed by the movie. It's not the same as what I have read about Wolverine's character in Marvel Universe. I expected that anyways. Movies that are based on books basically don't end up the same as what it is originally in the book. The director have to edit some scenes to make it more appealing to the big screen.

I enjoyed watching Hugh Jackman's sexy bod though! Lol! He did a great job with his role as Wolverine, as always!


Ranran said...

I have a DVD copy of this movie. Kaya lang it's the unedited version. With theharness and everything.

I agree. Hugh is such a hottie.


ally said...

ah! i heard about that! I didn't think about watching the unedited version. sayang kasi ang essence ng paggawa ng movie eh... thanks for visiting ran!

BLoGGiSTa said...

i agree with you. i liked hugh jackman since the first time i saw him sa Xmen (or noticed, i guess). he's quite a versatile actor and, yes, a hottie!

Bloggista :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Um - it's Hugh Jackman not Hugh Grant - but other than that - I loved the movie too!

ally said...

ahahahha! i stand corrected! sorry bout that! yeah! it's hugh jackman! had it edited! lol!

Mhar's Display said...

He's really a hunk. I think he did a good job doing the Wolverine role.

fedhz said...

Hugh Jackman is sooooooo hot! haha!

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