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Friday, May 1, 2009

Idol Finally Bid Goodbye to Matt

Can you believe it??? Adam Lambert at the bottom three last night? It made Kara's mouth left open in shock! Lol! Hmmm... It looks like most Americans weren't in awe of Adam's talent that much based on the results.

Anyways, Idol finally bid goodbye to the Timberlake-look-alike, Matt Giraud. After being saved by the judges Matt definitely had a great time on his extended stay in the Idol! He was actually the luckiest contestant so to speak. Even though Simon was all praises for him after his rendition of "My Funny Valentine" on Rat Pack night, he was still eliminated.

Well, what do we expect? Someone definitely has to be a cast away from the show each week. There should only be one American Idol! With the twist of fate that happened this week, it make me think twice about who will be the next Idol this year!


Agnes said...

Matt is a really talented guy I think but you're right: there can only be one winner.

dessy said...

i can't believe it either that adam could be in the bottom 3, i thought he was quite popular, though I don't really like his voice :P
well, u're right, somebody has to go everyweek, so... it's only a matter of time :D