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Friday, May 15, 2009

Adam Vs. Kris in American Idol Finale

The judges and Kris Allen himself were surprised when Ryan Seacrest announced that Kris was the first finalist for American Idol Season 8 Finale. With 1 million votes separating Kris and Adam, it's pretty obvious that Kris is the favorite of most viewers! The result make me think twice about Adam Lambert ending up being the next Idol! No offense to Kris Allen's fans but Adam basically has the "idol" quality. But still, it's America's votes that will surely reign! I still agree that both of them deserve to be on the finals!

Much to Gokey's family's and Paula Abdul's disappointment (since she has been rooting for Danny Gokey to be on the finals from the start) her favorite got the lowest vote this week. Danny did his final song which is really heartwarming - You Are So Beautiful. Believe me! I had goosebumps when listening to him sing it! He made me teary eyed with his beautiful rendition of the song. Well, it's not going to be the end for him though. With his talents, there's going to be a lot of doors open for him!

The long wait is about to be over! Season finale is going to happen next week!!! Goodluck to Kris and Adam!


Windmill said...

I haven't watched this year's AI. So, I am totally ignorant of any of the Contestants.

Does the Philippine have their own Idol Contest?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

maybe i am not a rock 'n roll fan that's why i don't like adam. hehe... and i wish kris would win! but heck, i am no american so i'll leave with that! LOL i was glad though that last tuesday night, i voted for the first time ever in the AI history for kris allen, simply because his tuesday performance was the best. and i'm glad he made it. that means, my vote was worth it! LOL it's enough though to see him in the finale. i don't mind if adam wins. no big deal, still! :)

great weekend ally!

texas_sweetie said...

since the beginning of AI season 8, I dislike Adam Lambert because of his weird look. How could a man wear an eye liner? mura buang tan awn... I am in favor of Kris jud bahala d kaayo ingon idol mo barog!

zorlone said...

You really have work tonight? Concert starts at 8! You might be able to make it. hehehe.

About Kris and Adam, I am a fan of both and in my opinion, they know the genre they belong making next weeks bout, a duel to watch!

Kris stuck with his acoustic style in singing while Adam with his Rockstar attitude. They will be selling records soon. hehehe.

I'd be too stingy to buy their albums online. I'd wait a while.


Shawie said...

it happens....the wheel of fortune, lolz! Simon's so right on about Kris being a "DingDong"..his performances were inconsistent while both Adam & Danny showed otherwise....anyways, look at Chris Daughtry, he was short of AI title but made millions from his music^-^

ally said...


There was Philippine Idol last year in one of the TV networks here. I think it flopped. Poor production, really! I don't think they're doing it again this year.



hahahah! good for you! you had the chance to vote your favorite in AI. I'm not exactly a fan of Adam. I just think he's more talented than Kris. thanks for always checking out my nonsenses here Recel! tc!!!



hehehehe... most rock stars do wear eyeliner! basically, adam is just one of them.

Kris is definitely likeable. They just have their own genre.

thanks for taking time to comment! tc!



hey! thanks for commenting! well, i'm not really a fan of anyone of them. maybe because i'm not yet over with how i got star-strucked with last year's Idol- David Cook (whom i missed watching last Saturday). Well see who's going to win next week!



You're right Shawie. Well, too bad. AI is not really about talents but basically about popularity... thanks for leaving a comment!!! tc!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hi ally!
the most awaited duel is over! waaaaah my man kris won! i ahven
t voted but my pa-in-law did, for 20 times, last night! and he's the happiest to have his votes sooo worth it, too! the show was a blast! adam sounded the best when they sung we are the champion. i hope Queen would hire him to be their vocalist. LOL kris plays many musical instruments that adam does, so i must say he's got more talent than adam. the latter is destined to be a rockstar so i hope Queen band would hear me out in this! LOL

great wedsnesday night ally!