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Friday, April 3, 2009

Megan Corkey, Out On Idol

Megan Corkery did her last performance last night on Idol. I actually like this girl and really wanted her to stay in the show longer. But unfortunately, the last performance isn't her best. I hope to see more of her singing her own songs though!

Here's a video of her audition in idol.

She's finally get reunited with her son! Phew! I will definitely miss this unique and pretty girl on the show.


Sadie said...

I REALLY liked her in the beginning. Until the top 13, that is. She got weird, somehow. I don't know what happened! Whoever was advising her was giving her some really bad advise. She lost who she really was, and she was acting like she was on crack or something. I don't know. She picked bad songs, was acting really schizophrenic, and was just annoying. I was sad about that because when she auditioned I was super excited about her.

ally said...


same here Sadie... she definitely acted funny from top 13!!!

Leomar said...

It's sad to see her go but it's not working right for her. She is best remembered during the auditions and her performance in the Grand Ole Opry theme.

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