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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Judges Finally Saved A Contestant On Idol

American Idol finally saved a contestant this week!
It was "movie music" week. The contestants did songs from famous movies with one of the outstanding directors in the movie industry - Quentin Torentino.

My pick for this week? Of course, it's Adam Lambert! He definitely nailed the show this week with his rendition of Born To Be Wild. Truly amazing vocals he possess!

It was Matt Giraud who was supposed to get evicted this week but even though his performance is not good enough, the judges still gave him a chance.

Well, the decision is not exactly a good news since 2 contestants will get evicted next week. I wonder who these people are!


Bill said...

They saved Matt but if he does not pick it up he will be gone soon.

ally said...

you're right Bill! just like what Simon said, I personally don't see him to the final night!