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Monday, March 2, 2009

Watched " The International" Instead...

I have mentioned on my previous post that we are going to watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" last Saturday. We actually checked the 3 Ayala Malls (The Fort, Greenbelt and Glorrieta) but to our dismay, the movie wasn't available. Apparently, Sarah Geronimo took over most of the Cinemas on those malls. We were actually disappointed because we all looked forward into seeing the movie. We ended up watching "The International" which is starred by Clive Owen as the investigator Louis Salinger.

The International is an action-thriller about an investigator who obsessively wants to take an International Bank down. He believe that the bank is involved on money laundering activities and is responsible for supporting arms for the third world countries through financial allegiance. While digging deeper into the investigation, Salinger discovers that the bank has great influence (even with the law enforcement) and that it makes sure that those who are involved and wants to come clean ends up dead.

The movie will make you dodge especially on the intense shoot-out scenes. It will make you feel you're part of the action!

I still want to watch "He's Just Not That Into You"! I hope I could find someone to watch it with this week...


Bill said...

Hey Ally if i was there i would watch it will you LOL. The movie sounds like it was good.

Ranran said...

uy maganda daw yung movie na yun! hehehe..

anyway, it's my turn to give you something. check out my site! ;-)

ally said...
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ally said...


Yeah, the movie was good! Hahaha! That's sweet Bill, thanks!



Aling movie Ran? Yung He's Just Not? or The International? Thanks for the recognition! and for making it a ritual on checking my blogs when you go online! Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate it! take care!

Anonymous said...

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