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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Review - Milk

I bought a DVD movie when I was on my way home yesterday. I picked Milk because I was interested with how Sean Penn played the role as the gay activist Harvey Milk. Penn was awarded as Best Actor In A Leading Role by the prestigious award giving body - The Oscar's 2008.

After seeing the movie, I could really say that Penn deserved the award! Just like his role as a mentally-handicapped father in I Am Sam, he once again lost himself on this gay character as Harvey Milk.

Milk is a true to life story about a camera storeowner who became the first openly gay man who was elected for a political office in the United States. This movie showed how Milk fought for gay rights and how homosexuals during the 70's fought for equality. Here's a trailer of the movie:

I know this movie isn't that appealing to everybody. It doesn't appeal that much to me either. I have nothing against gay people. I even enjoy their company. But I believe on what the Bible said about God creating just men and women.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!!!


Vlad said...

I also got curious on this movie when Sean Penn won Best Actor for Oscar in this movie.

I gonna watch this movie with my wife :D

Mel said...

I really loved Sean Penn in I am Sam. He's a versatile actor. I guess I will have to watch Milk one of these days. Great review. Thanks for sharing.;-)

Bill said...

How was this Ally was it any good. I dont i would like it either. have a great weekend.