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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet My Friend Cathy...

That's me and Cathy

Me and Cathy have been friends since we were sophomores in college. I was a new student in that school and she was one of those few sensible people that I immediately made friends with back then. I rely on her not only on our projects and homeworks but also it's her that I turned to whenever I needed someone to help me decide on what to wear on my gigs (since I was doing a part time singing back in college). She also was the one who's there for me when a boyfriend dumps me. She was actually one of my most trusted friends.

We parted ways when I worked in a call center in Pampanga. We got reunited when she also decided to work there. By that time, it was my turn to help her since we discovered that she was pregnant. The guy doesn't care about her so Cathy decided to go on with the pregnancy and decided to raise the baby alone although I was with her all throughout the pregnancy and also when she delivered her pretty baby girl - CJ.

We once again parted ways because I decided to work here in Manila. It was really hard for me to go but then unavoidable circumstances forced me to leave Pampanga. I had a lot of great friends over there that I still miss up to now. I haven't found someone like them here in Manila yet even though I've been here for more than a year already. I still long for their company especially Cathy's.

We still communicate but it seldom happened because we both have been busy with our lives. I also haven't visited them for quite a while now. I called her the other day and asked how she and CJ have been. I know she has been experiencing financial difficulties even a few months back and I just felt guilty because there were times I couldn't help her because I also have my own problems.

Just this past couple of days I've learned that a friend of ours has been courting her. She asked an advise from me about the guy. His name is Kiko and I knew that he has been eyeing on Cathy since we were in college. And since me and Kiko were on the same church (he's also a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo), I then told her that I would be glad to see them together! Even though I don't know Kiko that much, since we were on the same "faith", I am confident that he will take care of Cathy and CJ.

I am really happy for my friend. After all that Cathy has been through, she deserve someone who is God-fearing and responsible and basically better that CJ's biological father. I am also happy because she will soon experience the same faith as mine. I just want her to be happy and I just hope that Kiko is definitely God's sent for her and that he is the answer to Cathy's prayers.

As always, I will keep on praying for my friend's life of happiness and peace!


umeko said...

interesting story

Shu Fen said...

hey! just dropping by ^^ nice blog! keep up the good work :D