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Friday, February 20, 2009

First 3 of Amercan Idol's Top 12

The first three of the American Idol's top 12 was revealed last night after America voted for their favorite contestants.

The first woman who was able to get through to the Top 12 is Alexis Grace. She did quite well on her performance when she sang "Never Loved A Man". All the four judges gave her affirmative statements after her smooth rendition of the song.

I was quite disappointed with the result since I was vying for Anoop to be one of the first 3 (It's as if I voted! lol! If I lived in the U.S., I would've called and voted for him). I know a lot of viewers liked Anoop, he actually got 24 million votes, but then 20,000 more votes were casted to Michael Sarver who sang a karaoke-like rendition of "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. Michael is likable (as what Simon always say) and it seems like his personality as being a hardworking-oil-rigger-family-man plus his being courteous made him get the chance in the Idol.The third contestant who went through was Danny Gokey who sang one of Mariah Carey's greatest songs, "Hero". His story about his wife's passing seem to touch the hearts of a lot of Americans. He's got good vocals too but his style is just like that of David Cook's. I love Cook but I think I want something new for the next American Idol this year.

The most talked about Tatiana Del Toro, as expected, was an emotional wreck last night after the verdict. It looked like her prim and proper "drama" the other night and her pleadings to the public didn't work! Hahaha! I completely agree with Simon when he said this statement to Tatiana the other night - "You are a complete and utter drama queen!".

I'm excited about next week's group of 12. I hope my bet - Megan Corkrey will be at her best and that she'll make it to the top 12.


Aisha said...

I was disappointed too when Anoop didn't win! He is really good! :((

Bill said...

I agree with you and simon. she is just to much. Have a great weekend.

Rita T. said...

It always surprises to me to see how America votes for the next American Idol. I do like Danny, but I would have chosen Anoop over the oil roughneck easily just because Anoop sang well. I thought this competition was more about talent than feeling sorry for someone. Oh well.

I'm an American but I don't have a cell phone to text message, so I guess I have no business complaining!

Muhammd Maroof said...

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Mommyto2 said...

I love Danny Gokey and would like to see him win the whole thing. I'm pretty sure Anoop will end up in the Wild Card draw and America will put him through. He's not done yet!

Shinade said...

i don't keep up with this show anymore. But, my daughter was talking about Alexis to me just today.

I went up on YouTube and listened to her performance of this song and I must say that I liked it.

But, unless she does bettter than what I heard I don;t tink we'll be seeing another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.

She has a really good voice and sang this song really well. But, I wasn't really wowed by her.

This is my first time to comment here but Zi have been reading. Finally I could make a comment. thanks to my daughter ahving me listen today.

Happy Monday!!:-)))