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Monday, January 5, 2009

Brandon Zyl Cruz

When I went home last October, I wasn't able to hug my little brother's baby - Brandon Zyl, because I was sick. He was so adorable back then and I felt really bad because I can't even kiss him on the cheek. That is why this homecoming is memorable for me because I now got the chance to cuddle baby Brandon. I met up with my brother's family at the mall on the first week of January. Brandon was so sleepy here.
Aunt Ally! Stop Squeezing me!!! Urrrggghh!!!

Aren't we done yet???

Baby Brandon, my brother Florante and his wife Joy

He can't help his drowsiness that he haven't even finished the pictorial! Lol! Isn't he adorable?


Kloggers/Polly said...

What beautiful family pictures to keep Allena ... he looks a sturdy little fellow, I bet your arms were aching after a while! At least you were able to cuddle Brandon this time. :)

ally said...

hehehe! arms definitely ached Polly! He has gained a lot of weight! Lol! tnx for visiting Polly!

anne said...

hello, I have seen u somewhere, were u able to work in gcom in davao or cyber city in pampanga. kamukha mo kasi ung ka batchmate ko doon